What is Radio Revolution Network About?

Are you a broadcaster, station manager, or disc jockey? Playing the same songs over and over is mind-numbing and it makes it hard to differentiate your show or station from all the other guys in town. Radio Revolution Network is your portal to finding great new unsigned artists and we take care of all the legal red tape keeping you from putting their songs on the airwaves. It's simple! Surf our site for songs you like in a user-friendly format, find songs that are trending in other markets, and click to try it before you buy it. You'll get access to the song for a designated number of plays on your station. If your fans like what they hear then you can buy an extended license at much more affordable prices for your station. Money goes directly to the people making the music and you get a kick back for playing the songs! The worst thing that any business can say is, "We've always done it this way." Don't be a slave to the system... Join the Revolution!

Are you an unsigned artist? If so, you're probably having trouble getting your music played locally much less nationally. That's where Radio Revolution Network comes in. We provide an easy-to-use website for radio stations across the country to find new music. Not only will RRN help you get found, but when stations like your music we provide them a contract to play your songs a limited number of times so they can test it in the market with no strings attached. If their fans start to request your song we make it simple for the station to buy an extended license to play your song... and the best part... YOU GET PAID! By simplifying the process and cutting out the middleman the chances of your music being discovered and loved increases dramatically. Not only that, but we are talking world-wide! Don't be a slave to the system... Join the Revolution!

If you are music fans like those of us here at Radio Revolution Network then your probably tired of being force-fed the same songs and genres of music over, and over, and over. You might wonder why you can't find music and sounds that you like to get down with. Well it's simple... There are about four major labels that control 95% of the radio stations, what they play, and how often they play it. Don't feed the beast! Tune into Radio Revolution Network and surf music from unsigned artists all over the world. The more you play and download their songs the more those songs get noticed by radio stations and the more likely those songs are to get played on stations in your area. If you do decide to buy a song you can feel good about that money going directly to the artists and contributing to talented emerging artist across the world. We all feel good when we are the first to hear a great song or turn our friends on to a great new band. There are way more great songs and artists that are never heard than what the major labels tell us to like everyday. Don't be a slave to the system... Join the Revolution!

Are you someone that has dreamed of being part of something bigger? Are you a venture capitalist looking for the next company that is going to make it big? Maybe you are a lover of music and want to see things change in the music industry. Whether you have $5 or a million to put towards the revolution, we want to talk with you. We are currently working on a crowd funding campaign to help us finish the development of the actual terminal broadcasters, musicians, and fans will use to access music. It is a huge undertaking and we have already invested tons of our own time and money to get this far. If you have it in your heart to donate a few bucks or are interested in partnering in this venture, please give us a call! Every lit bit will help us get one step closer to the finish line.