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Welcome to Radio Revolution Network!

Here at Radio Revolution Network we are tired of hearing the same old songs and genres of music played over and over on the radio each day. Have you ever wondered why you don't hear music created in great styles of the past and the stations seem to be slow in exposing new genres of music to the public? It is primarily because the "Big Four" record companies, along with several music rights organizations, have a stranglehold on the radio industry. Like a flame without oxygen, a lack of flexibility, time, and money is causing stations to burn out and subject themselves to the way things have always been done. The end result is a losing proposition for broadcasters, artists, and music fans everywhere.

Our Goals Are Simple:

  1. Give unsigned artists the ability to connect with the general public through commercial radio.
  2. Help broadcasters discover fresh, new music and eliminate the barriers restricting them from playing it.
  3. Energize the public by providing them access to innovative music and artists across the world.

We appreciate you visiting our site and hope you will surf around to find more ways to be part of the Revolution!